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Interested in the position as a urologist at Imelda Hospital? If so, read more about this vacancy here and apply for your future job!

Imelda Hospital is seeking a Physician Specialist in Urology.

Are you the physician we are looking for? Check out our job posting here and apply today!

What makes Imelda Hospital attractive?

Here you breathe nature and geniality. This is a hospital on a human scale. Where we are cordial with each other and the patients. Where we apply innovative techniques and working methods. Where we have a flexible structure that allows us to switch quickly. And where you have the opportunity to develop and grow.

Your function

As a urologist, you will work together - in association - with the other urologists at Imelda Hospital.

A strong motivation and interest in functional urology and pelvic oncologic urology are important.

Who are you?

You have accreditation as a urologist or are in training to become a urologist.

You uphold the values of Imelda Hospital:

#totalcare #topmedicine #activepatient #together #collaborative #excellent #entrepreneurial #green #hearty

You are dynamic and motivated to work with fellow urologists to further develop the service.

You are progressive and innovative in the further expansion of the urology service.

You give quality and safety top priority.

What can we offer you?

A full-time contract of indefinite duration.

You will work independently in association with the other urologists, with an individual agreement with Imelda vzw.


Apply today at

Applications to Chairman of the Board - Prof. M. Casteels p/a Imelda Hospital - Imeldalaan 9 - 2820 Bonheiden with copy to the Chairman of the Medical Council - Dr. L. Haenen

Information via

Medical director - Dr. Ph. Rijkers - - 015/50 61 07

Chairman of the medical council - Dr. L. Haenen - - 015/50 51 94

Medical service manager urology - Dr. H. Plancke - - 015/50 51 80

Application deadline:


More info:

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