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Explore the latest in urology at "BEGUS: A Year in Review 2023." Learn from experts and engage with peers. Register here:

Join us for "BEGUS: A Year in Review 2023"

This is a comprehensive event that encapsulates the pivotal advancements and discussions in the field of urology over the past year. This program is designed to provide participants with insights into the latest research, clinical practices, and future trends in urology, fostering a deeper understanding and engagement with current challenges and opportunities in the field.

To be a part of this enlightening experience, register now at Take advantage of this opportunity to connect with peers, enhance your professional knowledge, and contribute to the evolving landscape of urology.

BeGUS online symposium - Live from the Arendsoog studio, Ghent

Urological Year in Review



DAY 1 – 19 February 2024 - 19h30 – 22h10


Central moderator:       Dr Marc Claessens (AZ Klina)


19h30 – 20h30            Part I: Update on uro-oncology: bladder and renal cancer

Chair:                       Prof Dr Karel Decaestecker (AZ Maria Middelares / UZ Gent)


Dr Eduard Roussel (UZ Leuven)

Prof Thierry Roumeguère (HUB)

Dr Loïc Baekelandt (ESRU)



19h30-19h50:         Combined approaches in localized RCC – Dr Eduard Roussel (UZ Leuven)

19h50-20h00:        Panel discussion


20h00-20h20:       Novelties in the management of UTUC – Prof Paolo Gontero (University of Turin, Italy)

20h20-20h30:       Panel discussion


20h40 – 22h10            Part II: Update on robotics and uro-technology

Chair:                       Dr Peter Dekuyper (AZ Maria Middelares)


Dr Ruben De Groote (OLV Aalst),

Dr Alexandre Peltier (Institut Jules Bordet)

Dr Noémie Luyts (ESRU)


20h40-21:00:        The growing role of robotic surgery in Functional and Reconstructive Urology – Dr Lucas Landen (UZ Leuven)

21h00-21h10:          Panel discussion


21h10-21h30:          Single-port robotic surgery: What could be its

future role? – Dr Simone Crivellaro (UI Health, USA)

21h30-21h40:         Panel discussion


21h40-22h00:        Implementing PROMS/PREMS in minimally invasive surgery: How to go about it? – Dr Andries Clinckaert (UZ Leuven)

22h00-22h10:        Panel discussion



DAY 2 – 20 February 2024 - 19h30 – 22h00


Central moderator:       Dr Thomas Adams (GZA Sint-Augustinus)


19h30 – 20h30            Part I: Update on uro-oncology: prostate cancer.

Chair:                       Prof Dr Steven Joniau (UZ Leuven)


Prof Dr Christof Vulsteke (Maria Middelares / UA)

Dr Alexander Giesen (ESRU)

Dr Julien Van Damme (UCL)

Prof Dr Gert De Meerleer (UZ Leuven)


19h30-20h00:        New developments in the treatment of high-risk PCa

                                    Surgery: Dr Julien Van Damme (UCL)

Radiotherapy: Prof Dr Gert De Meerleer (UZ Leuven)

20h00-20h15:        Paradigm shift in high-risk BCR? – Prof Dr Steven Joniau (UZ Leuven)

20h15-20h30:        Panel discussion


20h30 – 21h30            Part II: Update on endo-urology

Chair:                       Prof Dr Thomas Tailly (UZ Gent)


Dr Vincent Deconinck (AZ Klina)

Dr Carl Van Haute (UZ Leuven/HH Leuven)

Dr Matthias Boeykens (ESRU)


20h30-20h50:       Increasing use of AI in endo-urology – Dr Giovanni Cacciamani (University of Southern California, USA)

20h50-21h00:        Panel discussion


21h00-21h20:         Disposable vs. reusable cysto- and ureteroscopes – Prof Niall Davis (Blackrock Health, Ireland)

21h20-21h30:         Panel discussion


21h30 – 22h00            Part III: The Hospital of the Future

Chair:                       Dr Lieven Goeman (AZ Delta)


Prof Steven Joniau (UZ Leuven)

Prof Peter De Jaeger (AZ Delta)


21h30-21h50:         In which direction is modern healthcare evolving? – Dr Filip Ameye (AZ Maria Middelares)

21h50-22h00:        Panel discussion

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