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Starters package


€ 250


4 Days

About the Course organises the Starters Package for fourth-year residents which offers theoretical and practical training on laparoscopic and robotic skills. As some residents are doing research or extra years abroad, a fourth year resident is defined as somebody who still has three more years of training to go before becoming a urologist. The Starters Package consists of one theoretical module followed by three practical modules.

Please note that you are expected to be present on all courses (including the theoretical course), to ensure to everyone gets most out of the provided training by the BLUG members.

You will be contacted by the chair of for participation in this course. If you are eligible for participation, but you were not contacted, please contact the chair ( for additional information or registration.

The ESRU and ORSI Young Professionals teams are organizing "EndoDay", a hands-on endourology course for residents.
First, all 24 residents will enjoy lectures by the renowned Belgian endourologists Dr. Carl Van Haute, Dr. Thomas Tailly and Dr. Pieter Uvin on the hottest topics in endourology. Then, the group will be split in two.

Twelve residents will have the opportunity to attend the Endoscopic Stone Treatment Step 1 (ESTs1) course, followed by the ESTs1 exam administered by official ESU faculty. This exam is recommended if you are interested in endourology as it will give you access to the highly recommended ESTs2 course and will be useful when applying for the "Art in Flexible" (AiF) program and other endourology masterclasses (all organized by the ESU/EAU). Since the tasks in this exam are relatively simple (achieving fluent cystoscopy movements, performing diagnostic rigid URS, and achieving fluent flexible URS movements), and the benefits of passing the exam only serve people who will be residents for at least one year after this exam, we recommend this exam to the younger year residents.

Twelve residents will have the opportunity to be trained in URS, TURP, TURB and PNL on the most high-end training models available by well-known, experienced endourologists. This year we also have the addition of more anatomical models for TURP and even a HOLEP simulation model. For example, Dr. Tailly will show you the tips and tricks, hands-on, for ultrasound-guided PNL access on the most high-end training models. 

EndoDay will take place on March 9, 2023 at the ORSI Academy (Melle). We will welcome you at 8:30 and the lectures will start promptly at 9:00. Beverages and a sandwich lunch will be provided. The event will end at 16:30.

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors who pay for the ESU faculty, the location, the high-end models, all the materials, ... The registration fee is only €50, to be paid before 25-02-2024.

Registration and allocation of groups will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

We hope to see you there, 

Charlotte Allaeys (ORSI YP)
Loïc Baekelandt (ORSI YP, ESRU)
Matthias Boeykens (ESRU)

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