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European Society of Residents in Urology

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The European Society of Residents in Urology (ESRU) was founded in 1991 as the body representing the trainees in urological surgery within the European Union and its associated countries.

From the start in 1991 until the beginning of 1996 the name of the organization was EBUT.
ESRU is part of the Young Urologists Office, together with the Young Academic Urologists and the young non-academic urologists.


ESRU works in close cooperation with the EBU and the EAU in matters concerning the training and education of residents in urology.

ESRU initiates several projects that encourage future and young specialists in urology to acquire new perspectives by exchanging knowledge, experience and becoming familiar with various urology departments across Europe.


11-12 march   BMUC

20-21 April      Be-GUS post-ASCO   

28 April           Post AFU symposium < SBU

29-30 April      Starters package

3 May              Post AFU symposium

13-16 may.      AUA 22 

14 May   day

20-21 May       Scientific summit

11 June           Journée des mémoires SBU

11 June           Workshop ESWL Ghent

18 June           ELAUT prijs

17-18 June      JOUM toulouse

1-4 July            EAU 22

26-27 August   BAU 22 Brussels

9-10 Sept        Starters Package 21/22 Liège


Sept.                BAU 2023

ESRU Elections

Positions available for next year are:


* University responsible (UCL/ULB/ULg/KUL/Ua/Ugent/VUB

* Chairman Elect

* Webmaster 

* BVU delegate

* Advances robotic course Responsible

* Social Media Manager

* BeGuss (For an already experienced member)

We are recruiting!
Join our meeting at the 25th of April if you want to be part of the ESRU.Be team.
Send us an email to get all the information


EAU reimbusement

All residents can ask for a reimbursement of the EAU Membership fee (62,5 euros).

Please send us the EAU invoice and proof of your payment.


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