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European Society of Residents in Urology

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The European Society of Residents in Urology (ESRU) was founded in 1991 as the body representing the trainees in urological surgery within the European Union and its associated countries.

From the start in 1991 until the beginning of 1996 the name of the organization was EBUT.
ESRU is part of the Young Urologists Office, together with the Young Academic Urologists and the young non-academic urologists.


ESRU works in close cooperation with the EBU and the EAU in matters concerning the training and education of residents in urology.

ESRU initiates several projects that encourage future and young specialists in urology to acquire new perspectives by exchanging knowledge, experience and becoming familiar with various urology departments across Europe.


Starters package - Theoretical Course

Workshop ESWL & laser within endo-urology

Starters package - Laparoscopy / Robotics

EAU Congress

Endo-urology Course


Scientific Summit

Starters package - Practical course on Cadaver

Aalst, Belgium

Gent, Belgium

Melle, Belgium

Milan, Italy


Kraainem, Belgium

Tervuren, Belgium

Liège, Belgium


20 January

04 February

10 - 11 February

10 - 13 March

08 April

22 April

05 - 06 May

15 September


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